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Ваш токен хранится в Эрмитаже


The project is a unique collection of NFT tokens based on the iconic masterpieces kept at the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia). This collection will comprise a set of five masterpieces of great artists presented as an ultra-high resolution digital copy with a live signature of Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage Museum. The signature together with an ultra-high resolution image, being digitized and tokenized, is a unique combination at the junction of the offline world, vividly illustrated by both the selected masterpieces of past eras and the personal autograph of the Director and the status of the State Hermitage, as well as the modern trend of digital art reflected in NFT tokens. Original artworks and one of two NFT copies of each are stored in the Hermitage. Buyer of NFT artwork will also get an airdrop of NFT video with Mikhail Piotrovsky, showing how he certifies copies of the paintings by signing them and indicating the exact time of each signature. All transactions are executed with the requirements and in accordance with Russian law. The owner can demonstrate NFT in digital for any purposes (commercial / non commercial). For the details, please get in touch with the Agent via email:

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